Nexo Happy Holidays for all with Crypto Christmas promotions

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We’ve had our fair share of developments in the institutional/ regulatory realm this year. Securing swathes of licenses across the world and going through the arduous task of passing a real-time reserves audit through Armanino was just a part of the story. All of that didn’t stop us from developing Nexo Prime – an institutional-grade crypto prime brokerage with advanced trading and custody capabilities which we’re rolling out at full speed.

Our latest institutional move involved the collaboration with Fidelity Digital Assets through which we expect to onboard traditional finance companies into the digital asset ecosystem. While bringing all of this out to the market, we wasted no time and actively engaged with regulators in meaningful discussions and will remain one of those companies that always reserves a seat at the table for these rather serious talks. Buckle up ‘cause 2022 will be a big year for Nexo in every way imaginable.

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Nexo Crypto Christmas promotions

Here the Nexo Crypto Christmas promotions for you.

Polygon’s MATIC Is Joining Nexo: Get Up to 20% APR Until Jan 3

Polygon’s MATIC. You’re now able to buy, swap, earn and borrow against your MATIC on our platform. Get all the details below:

  • Buy: Buy MATIC on Nexo and get it in your wallet within seconds.
  • Еarn: Receive up to 20% interest on MATIC, paid out daily with our current promo and keep earning high yields in the long run.
  • Exchange: Swap your MATIC on the Nexo Exchange instantly.
  • Borrow: Borrow against MATIC at rates as low as 6.9% APR. Plus, there’s a cashback promo available.

Available pairs:


An Avalanche of Opportunities: Up to 17% Interest on AVAX & Lots More!

There’s been a hefty amount of new assets added to Nexo lately. One could even say it’s been a bit of an avalanche, especially today when Avalanche’s AVAX is coming to Nexo. You can now buy, earn interest on, and borrow against your AVAX! Check it out:

  • Buy: Buy AVAX on Nexo and get it in your wallet within seconds.
  • Еarn: Receive up to 17% interest on AVAX, paid out daily.*
  • Exchange: Swap your AVAX on the Nexo Exchange instantly.
  • Borrow: Borrow against your AVAX from as low as 6.9% APR.

* Nexo’s 17% interest on AVAX is a part of our launch promo. After January 3, 2022, our AVAX yields will be up to 15%.

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