Partnership Nexo & Fidelity Digital Assets Offering security to your crypto assets

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To address this need and offer even greater security for your holdings Nexo has established a comprehensive institutional agreement with Fidelity Digital Assets. As part of the alliance, the assets you’ve placed under our care will benefit from Fidelity’s insured enterprise-grade custody.

What Does Fidelity Digital Assets Bring to Nexo’s Users?

  • Custodial services that encompass secure, vaulted cold storage, multilevel safeguards, as well as physical, cyber, and operational controls.
  • Instant access to funds with the ability to buy and sell without moving funds held in Fidelity Digital Assets’ custody.
  • Additional protection on top of Nexo’s total insurance of $375 million through a series of best-in-class custodians whose facilities are insured via Lloyd’s of London and Marsh and Arch.
  • Fidelity Digital Assets’ solutions also diversify our comprehensive custodial infrastructure making attacks to the Nexo platform infinitely harder to orchestrate.

Our top priority is the safety of your assets. Continuing to build on our reputation as the most security and compliance conscious lender in the digital assets space, we will continue to update our infrastructure so that the security measures for the assets we manage for you are as up-to-date as our services and the market.

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