FUNToken Savings at Crosses 600 Million $FUN Locked

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In August, introduced FUNToken Savings where users can lock tokens and earn interest on their tokens directly at

Users can lock their tokens for 15, 30, 90, 180, and 360 days and earn varied rates of interest. Users can lock as many tokens as they want; their total balance in locked savings will be considered when calculating Premium Benefits. In four months, the number of FUN Tokens locked in savings at has crossed 600 million.

With a host of developments including the XFUN wallet and truly decentralized casino set to be launched soon, the utility, ubiquity, and adoption of FUNToken is set to rise even further. Reaching this milestone signifies the support of the community; you can be a part of it when you join Premium. Click here to buy $FUN token.

How you can Purchase FunToken on

If you want purchase FUNtoken on, follow this simple step by step guide:

  1. Register on for free.
  2. Sign in your new account.
  3. From the menu of your account select "PREMIUM", scroll the page and click or tap on the button "BUY/SELL + LOCK".
- Click BUY/SELL + LOCK button now. -
  1. Now select the number of fun token that you want buy. For example 21,000 fun token.
  2. Select lock for 15 days or more (360 days for maximum interests earning) and you receive 25% plus interest on the fun token.
  3. Click on "BUY" fun token button and go To the Moon! 🚀
- Earn more locking your $FUN token for 360 days. -

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