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A page dedicated to the promotions and promo codes of crypto exchange Cex.io, as well as the bonuses and contests that the cryptocurrency exchange organises throughout the year.

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Cex.io Promotion

This is the section dedicated to the current promotions on Cex.io, the European cryptocurrency exchange.

Staking of Zilliqa (ZIL) 20% interest

Only in April starts staking zilliqa (ZIL) and receive 20% annual interest for the whole month.

Currently the annual interest is at 14.74%, so 20% represents an increase of +5.26%.

Remember that on Cex.io you can staking ZIL and receive interest just for holding the altcoin. Find out how staking works at Cex.io.

Cex.io Promo code

No Promo code Cex.io at the moment.

Cex.io Bonus

No Cex.io bonuses at the moment.

Cex.io Contests

Here is the list of active competitions on Cex.io.

ZWAP giveaway contest

Cex.io giveaway up to USD 2000 in ZWAP, the token of a decentralised exchange built on Zilliqa.

These prizes:

  1. 500 USD in ZWAP
  2. 250 USD in ZWAP (x 2 winners)
  3. 100 USD in ZWAP (x 10 winners)

The ZWAP token has a total supply of only 1 million tokens.

News and new listings on Cex.io

All the news and new listings on Cex.io of cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins and new crypto trading pairs.

Tap or click on the date to see all news published on the selected day.

March 31 2021

Listing of AurusGOLD, AurusDeFi and HAPI

Cex.io has just added three new tokens to the exchange platform:

  • AurusGOLD (AWG);
  • AurusDeFI (AWX);
  • HAPI.

The trading pairs available for these tokens are: HAPI/USD, AWG/USD, and AWX/USDT. Trading is also available on the mobile application.

Stablecoin XSDG added

Also added is the stablecoin XSDG, which is tied 1:1 to the Singapore dollar.

February 26 2021

Listing of Utrust (UTK) and FunFair (FUN)

New listing on Cex.io of Utrust (UTK) and FunFair (FUN) tokens.

The following pairs are available for trading:


The two tokens can also be bought by credit card through . Cex.io's Instant Buy service.

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