SecuX STONE promo code: hardware wallet V20, W20 and W10



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Here available for you discount codes for SecuX STONE hardware wallet models. Copy and paste SecuX promo code in the appropriate field during purchase and save between 10% and 15%, depending on the model you choose.

The discount codes for SecuX hardware wallet proposed here are valid for purchase on the official website of the manufacturer and are not valid on other marketsale.

SecuX STONE promo code for hardware wallet V20, W20 and W10

Thanks to the collaboration of with SecuX Technology Inc., we are able to provide our readers with a dedicated promo code for SecuX STONE V20, W20 and W10 models.

The discount, valid exclusively on the company's official website, is as follows.

  • 15% discount for SecuX STONE V20 and W20. Discount code: "opportunitadigitali".
  • 10% discount for SecuX STONE W10. Discount code: "opportunitadigitaliw10".

How to use the promotional code for SecuX wallets

Here's how to use the SecuX hardware wallet promo code in a nutshell.

  1. Visit the website of the company.
  2. Choose hardware wallet: V20, W20 or W10.
  3. Click or tap on buy and before concluding the purchase enter the discount code in the appropriate field (see image below).
- Image: SecuX. -

Features of SecuX STONE models

In the table below a summary of the features of the three models of SecuX hardware wallet, with their relative price.

ModelsV20 FlagshipW20 FantasyW10 Lite
Security chipCertified Secure Element (CC EAL5+)
Pin Code
BackupStandard 12, 18 or 24-word passphrase.
Cross platformDesktop; Tablet; Mobile; ChromebookDesktop; Chromebook
Dual ConnectivityUSB Type-C; BluetoothUSB micro-B; BluetoothUSB micro-B
Coin and tokenOver 1000 crypto asset supported
DisplayColor touchscreen 2,8"
BatteryRechargeable 600 mAh lithium battery, duration 7 hours.
Dimenisons1,5 x 9,8 x 9,8 cm1,3 x 8,9 x 5,9 cm
Price139 euro119 euro69 euro

SecuX STONE hardware wallet video presentation

Below is a one-minute video introducing the SecuX STONE line of hardware wallets.