Goerli faucet. Switch from testnet to real bitcoin! And earn

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- Photo by Miloslav Hamřík on Pixabay. -

Goerli faucet is the testnet faucet that gives you 0.05 Goerli ETH every 24 hours. It is an Ethereum faucet that requires you to have an Alchemy account in order to participate.

What you need to know is that what you receive is a test token on a testnet Ethereum faucet. The purpose of this faucet is to test decentralized applications before they are officially released on Ethereum.

Goerli faucet. Switch from testnet to real bitcoin! And earn

Too bad that the reward is very low, just 0.05 Goerli ETH, and that such a testnet token is not real. That's right. You won't be able to trade it anywhere, because it won't accumulate money as you hope.

That's why we recommend, instead, that you sign up for Freebitcoin a bitcoin faucet that gives you satoshi every hour (up to 0.093 BTC every hour! ) and where you can participate in many weekly sweepstakes to win over 0.11 BTC per week.

So forget about the Goerli faucet where you'll never get the earnings you're hoping for, and join Freebitcoin to earn lots of nice bitcoins every day. And if you try your luck, you can win a shiny Lamborghini worth $200,000.

Other than testnet tokens! We are talking about real bitcoins here.

Sign up for Freebitcoin now, don't put it off.

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