How to win a Lamborghini? With Bitcoin you can!

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- Lamborghini or 200K USD for you. -

Would you like to win a Lamborghini or the equivalent of $200,000 in bitcoin (BTC), the famous cryptocurrency?

Good. All you have to do is buy tickets for the lottery called "Win a Lambo" on Freebitcoin.

For each Golden Ticket Contest you buy, you'll get 1 chance to win a Lamborghini or $200,000 in bticoin.

Of course, the more Golden Ticket Contests you buy, the greater your chances of winning.

Want to know more about how to win a Lamborghini with bitcoin? Well, follow these simple steps and... Good luck!

How to win a Lamborghini with bitcoin

To win a Lamborghini with bitcoin follow the steps below and good luck!

  1. Register at
  2. Deposit bitcoin into your new account.
  3. From the site menu select 'Win a Lambo'.
  4. Enter the number of tickets to buy and click on "BUY".
- Buy Golden ticekt and win a Lambo. -

You have completed the entry procedure for the Win a Lambo competition. Remember that you don't have many days left to participate, the contest expires soon to win the Lamborghini.

Each Golden Ticket you pay only 25 thousand satoshi (0.00025 bitcoin).

Don't wait any longer and enter the competition to win a Lamborghini with bitcoin, you still have a short time to go.

If I don't have bitcoin, how do I do it?

If you don't have any bitcoins to spend, I recommend buying bitcoins from the exchange and then transferring the bought bitcoins to the Freebitcoin site.

In addition, you can earn bitcoin on Freebitcoin through its faucet, but to speed up the process it is better to buy bitcoin from an exchange and then transfer it to the site.

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