Special promotion Genesis Mining 13% off SHA256 Radiant & X11 Radiant

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Start today, September 24, 2019 the special promotion of cloud mining Genesis Mining, which provides a discount of 13% on the hashrate SHA256 Radiant and the hashpower Dash X11 Radiant of 6%.

A discount on the price of mining resources never practiced before by Marco Streng's company and that is part of a period of the year when you can already draw the sums on a positive year, especially for the mining of bitcoin.

Compared to last year (2018), in fact, there has been a fair return on investment in the sector which is essential to ensure the stability and security of the blockchains based on the PoW consensus method (work test).

The promotion has a limited time, it will expire on 30 September. But you also have to reckon with the stocks of resources, those who decided to invest in mining is good to choose quickly or could remain without.

To get the maximum discount it is important to use the discount code you see in the banner below. Continuing we explain everything in detail.

Special promotion Genesis Mining: how it works

Let's explain in detail how the special promotion Genesis Mining works.

The discount is on the hashrate useful to do the mining of BTC and on the hashpower useful to do the mining of Dash coin.

Ongoing promotions are as follows:

  • SHA256 Radiant Classic: 13% di sconto sul prezzo di listino + 3 mesi extra di mining;
  • SHA256 Radiant Zero: 13% di sconto sul prezzo di listino;
  • X11 Radiant Classic: 6% di sconto sul prezzo di listino + 3 mesi extra di mining;
  • X11 Radiant Zero: 6% di sconto sul prezzo di listino.

To get the maximum discount above, it is IMPORTANT that before completing the investment, when paying, write the special discount code 6BEuQe. This step is important because the promotion described above will only be triggered if you enter the code.

Look at the image below to see where you'll need to put the code 6BEuQe. Remember to click on Validate to add the discount.

- Remember to validate the code 6BEuQe. -

Please download the reminder image below so you don't lose your discount code. Please note that the code is always valid, so you can use it in future purchases. For example: in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and so on.

- Genesis Mining Discount Code to download and keep. -

The 3% discount shown on the image is the one that applies when there are no special promotions such as the current one. If you take advantage of it now, instead, you will get the discount of 13% to do the mining of Bitcoin and 6% to do the mining of Dash coin.

Will the discount make me more money?

To understand the benefit of the discount, let's take a practical example.

Let's admit that you plan to invest 1,000 dollars (or euros) in bitcoin mining and purchases SHA256 Radiant Classic. You will get a discount of 13% (in addition to the additional 3 months). This means that when you invest, you'll save 130 dollars (or euros) and spend only 870 dollars (or euros).

You now have two options to choose from:

  1. You keep the 130 USD (or EUR) in your pocket and you use it to do other things.
  2. You can still invest them by purchasing additional hashrates.

Happy Mining! 👷 👷‍♀️

Frequently Asked Questions about Genesis Mining Promotion

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Can I get the discount on SHA256 Radiant and X11 Radiant together?

Absolutely. Choose all the hashrate combinations you want to invest in and then apply the promotional code. The system will calculate the discounts to be applied based on the choices you have made.

Why are there 3 more months of mining on the Radiant Classic?

The resources purchased have a basic duration of 18 months, to which in this case are added 3 months that prolong the gains over time.

What payment methods can I use on Genesis Mining?

You can use credit and debit cards, or buy with Bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, dash and zcash.

If you have cryptocurrency, buying with it is preferable because it has fewer limits on purchases. In particular if you plan to make an investment of more than 6 thousand euros per transaction, with a maximum of 25 thousand euros per day. These limits buying with cryptocurrencies are not there.

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