Photos from the Naples Quarters of the 3rd Scudetto celebration

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- Napoli: Scudetto 33 Year Later ebook cover. -

'Sorry for the delay' is one of the slogans used by SSC Napoli fans to make fun of the fasting from the 33-year scudetto.

Napoli: Scudetto 33 Year Later - Photos from the Naples Quarters of the 3rd Scudetto celebration is the title of the photo story in 130 and more photographic shots, created to celebrate the long-awaited third scudetto by the Neapolitans who live in Naples and by those who cheer from the rest of Italy and the rest of the world where they work, hope and love.

An ebook of photographs from the historic districts of Naples – Quartieri Spagnoli, Rione Sanità, Rione Forcella, Pendino, Mercato, etc. – to tell how the city dressed up to participate in the celebrations of the third championship in the football history of Napoli.

The photo story 'Napoli Scudetto 33 year later' is a guide for tourists complete with indications and geographical coordinates, which allow the reader to go there to personally admire the choreography and works of art specially created to celebrate the third SSC championship Naples.

For everyone, the ebook is a digital souvenir to experience and relive the historic moment in which the citizens of Naples feel fully involved, together with the team of champions who personally made this long-awaited dream possible.

'Napoli Scudetto 33 year later' is an entertaining photo story and a digital guide through the historic districts of Naples, to be downloaded onto your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or other mobile device, through all online ebook stores. Including Amazon Kindle, Kobo Rakuten, Apple Books, Google Play Books and online bookstores such as Barnes & Noble,, Casa del libro.

The ebook Napoli: Scudetto 33 Year Later is sold at the price of 4.80 euros and can also be identified through the ISBN: 9791222400525.

Follow the link and buy on your preferred platform or ebook store.

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